KN95 – Real or Fake? Josh Exposes Counterfeit Masks.

Josh Malone received thousands of KN95 masks from overseas to donate to front-line workers here in the US. However, Malone was horrified to discover that several batches of masks that he’d received appeared to be counterfeits. Testing of Malone’s batch of masks, completed by an independent lab, here in the US, determined that many of the masks performed poorly.

Susan McKnight vs the USPTO

Inventor of the CLIMBUP® Bed-Bug Interceptor, Susan McKnight recently had her patent challenged by a third-party. However, even after the third-party challenger backed-away during the case at the Federal Circuit, attorneys working on behalf of the Director of the US Patent Office, pursued the case. The USPTO’s goal was to remove the patent that they previously issued to Susan McKnight.

Matt Clements USPTO Judge Helps Apple Invalidate Patents

Matt Clements invalidated 144 patents as administrative judge at the USPTO. He took the side of Apple in 96% of cases where they were involved. Now he is employed as a lawyer for Apple. I was shocked to see him back at the USPTO attacking yet another inventor. This is a classic case of revolving door corporate capture of the government. Gross miscarriage of justice that is crushing American innovation.

US Inventor Video Series – Pulse-Bac Vacuum Systems

Chris McCutchen explains the arduous process of defending his patents against the Patent Trial and Appeal Board after a big corporation set out to invalidate his patents.

Introduction to the Inventor Rights Act of 2019

US Inventor is pleased to support the introduction of the bipartisan Inventor Rights Act, H. R. 5478 by Representatives Danny K. Davis (D-IL) and Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (R-AZ). The Inventor Rights Act takes critical steps in strengthening US patent rights, bringing justice for inventors, and promoting innovation, the very lifeblood of the American economy.

US Inventor Rally at the AIPLA 2019 Annual Meeting

US Inventor, Josh The Balloon Guy and independent inventors hold rally to support Zaxcom’s Glen Sanders and Howard Stark (Emmy Recipients & Inventors) during their Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) trial held on Friday October 25, 2019 at Gaylord National Harbor, National Harbor, MD 20745, during the the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) 2019 Annual Meeting.